Prof. Sophia Zauner
Prof. Sophia Zauner

Prof. for 3D Animation for Film & Games @ ifs | Character TD

Troubleshooter. Curious and open minded. Gets pretty excited about work... Currently at DAYWALKER Studios GmbH


Music: 'Dare' by Gorrilaz
That´s how I spent most of my workday. It´s like solving little puzzles the whole day... However, in a small studio, there are plenty of jobs I have to fulfill besides rigging.
Scripting goes hand in hand with rigging most of the time, as I use my self-written Modular Rigging System for most rigs. And I am responsible, for keeping the Studio Pipeline running.
I started as an animator in the industry over 10 years ago. That helps a lot for my rigging work! Because, if you are forced to animate your own rigs, they automatically get more animator friendly.

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