46 artists from 16 countries collaborated through the Artella platform to make DUEL as the show opening short film for the 2016 CTN Animation Expo

I developed a Modular Rigging System for the studio I am working at (DAYWALKER Studios GmbH) and was allowed to use it to set up the characters for DUEL. The system has all necessary modules to create a biped character including the face. Therefore I only needed to implement a couple of additional modules (mainly for the clothing) to cover the other parts of the characters.

Duel / Additional Modules
Duel / Additional Modules

With those modules finished and after completing the skinning it was possible to rebuild the rigs from scratch if needed. Which comes in handy if changes are made on the model during production, which happens all the time, and did happen on DUEL too.

Screencast building one of the characters with the help of the Modular Rigging System.

Demonstration video for animators

I made a quick screencast video for the animators during production to demonstrate how they could use the additional cloth rig parts on one of the characters. You can watch it below.

It was great fun working on that project, with all those incredible talented people. If you want more information on the project, you can visit the ARTELLA Project Page for DUEL